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Woah. Time Flies.

My goodness how time has flown by without a post! But don’t you worry…I have been baking, and I have been taking pictures, so I do have quite a bit to share with you! In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peek to…shall we say…get your mouth-watering?! Get ready, ’cause your mouth is going to water (well, I am perhaps a bit biased, having tasted all of these creations and all!).

YES! I made macarons (first time!)!


German Chocolate Cake...need I say more?!


Now force that jaw up and keep the mouth-watering to a minimum until I can get back here with the recipes and more details!


New Obsession: Baked

Borders (bookstore) is closing. What great obsession could come from that? Well, after scoring two cookbooks I’d been eyeing for some time at 25% off, I’ll tell you: an obsession with Baked, a bakery originating in Brooklyn, New York (with locations in South Carolina now too). The books are graphic, eye-catching, and jam-packed with loads of MUST-try recipes. This is not good for my waistline at all…but seriously, you guys, these books are worth buying.

(photos from here and here)

*Having bought the books yesterday, I made the Sweet and Salty Brownies (yuuuum!) and have already planned to make two more recipes within the next week! If I can snap some pictures of the brownies, I’ll be sure to upload ’em!

Glitches Aside

I told you here about my baking bonanza I had last Friday…and how computer glitches prevented me from posting the recipes (with pictures). However, I’ve fixed the problem, even though it took some time, and I’m going to start posting the three recipes from the baking bonanza! But that’s not all! Yesterday, I got in even more baking, and have an additional two more recipes. Consequently, I’ll be running the five recipes, a post a day, this week. Ready? I’ll post the first one soon…

Baking Bonanza

Whew! I just had a baking bonanza! As I’ve mentioned before, my schedule is quite packed and doesn’t allow for as much baking as I’d like. When I got home today, I set my mind to baking, and now two and a half hours after I began searching for recipes, I’ve baked up not one, not two, but three items (and without even a trip to the store for ingredients!)! Because I made three recipes, I scaled back and halved/quartered/third-ed the recipes. In the following posts, I’ll go over what I made!

EDIT: And of course, as luck would have it, I’m having technical difficulties uploading my pictures of the goodies! Unfortunately, this means no posts until I can get this sorted out…hopefully by tomorrow!


I owe you all an apology and an explanation.

We’ll start with the explanation. You see, I have been extremely busy lately. Unfortunately, this means I haven’t been getting to bake. As I’m sure many of you can relate to, I’m sad about this! Not getting the chance to bake has resulted in no posts in too long of a time.

And now, the apology apologies. I’m obviously sorry I haven’t posted recently, and I’m also sorry it took me so long to fill you in on the reason why. I hope you’ll continue to visit my blog whenever I’m able to bake and post!

Now that I’ve delivered the sad/bad news, I have a silver lining….I hope to bake quite a bit next weekend, because I have an extra long weekend! Stay tuned!

Thanks for your patience!