Taste Testers

So who are my taste testers? Well actually, they’re just the people happening to try my food, so I don’t  gather them in a group and test recipes out on them…but you get the point. Anyway, here is a list of common taste testers (please note these are real people, but I’ve changed their names for the purpose of privacy):

  • Rachel: a family member
  • Madison: a family member
  • Rob: a family member
  • Amanda: a friend
  • Shelly: a friend
  • Leslie: a friend (happens to be gluten-intolerant)
  • Amber: a friend
  • Katrina: a friend
  • Julie: a friend
  • Eli: a friend of Rachel
  • Lexie: a friend of Rachel


Obviously, from time to time, I’ll have taste testers not listed here. When that’s the case, I’ll be sure to mention that!


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